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So Cal Vintage RV Rental

So Cal Vintage RV Rental

Taking vacations is a necessity for a healthy, well-balanced life. It can also keep you young. One of the accelerators of the aging process is chronic stress. Going for vacations and leaving behind your everyday stresses gives you an opportunity to repair some of the damage. And what better way to manage stress than camping at the top So Cal vintage RV rental park.

At Launch Pointe, we offer some of the best camper favorite spots in southern California, California. If you’re looking for a unique camping or recreational experience, we are your ultimate resort location. You’re sure to have the greatest getaway experience with your friends or family at our resort.

Our Social Vintage RV Rental Services

If you love to relax while enjoying country living in an RV, we have the perfect space for RV camping in SoCal for you with access to a wide range of amenities. Here’s a review of our social vintage RV rental services to understand how we are what you need for your vacation.

The Vintage Village

Our vintage village is precisely what you need if you love socializing with others. It is located in a secluded cleared spot at the resort and features an exquisite dual-stone fireplace. The vintage trailers contain a private deck furnished with patio furniture. Additionally, the trailers are custom made to offer a variety of options with a unique experience. For security purposes, they are fitted with RFID locks, which can be opened using a waterproof wristband, something that adds to why we are the leading RV campgrounds in Southern California.

RV Camping

Once you’ve explored our RV Park, you’ll understand why we are among the best Southern California RV parks. We have several unique spaces that offer privacy and access to all the amenities for your RV stay. Our spaces come with water, sewer, electrical hookups, restrooms, pool, beach, WI-FI, concrete patio, fence, and picnic table for each site.

  • The Base Camp

This is the smallest area of our park. It is most suitable for a small group of friends and comes with eight buddy-spaces.

  • The Aquaplane Lane

If you have kids, you’ll love the aquaplane lane. It features a 4,500-gallon splash pad, which will serve you perfectly during summer.

  • The Infield

If you prefer to have alone time away from others, the infield is a secluded space that offers that while ensuring access to all the amenities.

  • Tracks and Trails Parkway

For a breathtaking, unobstructed view of the lake, the tracks and trails parkway is exactly what you need. It features a large beautiful lawn that you can use to relax and get in touch with nature.

  • Canopy Court

We wouldn’t be among the best campgrounds in Southern CA without our canopy court. It includes a children’s playground equipped with amazing climbing surfaces to play on. The playing surfaces are also cushioned to prevent knee scratches.

  • The Loop

The loop offers a high level of privacy. It’s the ideal site if you’re thinking about long-term living.

  • The Fields

With its beautiful pecan trees, this is a good space for your intimate RV moment. You can enjoy the company of your loved ones underneath the gorgeous canopies.

Game Changers in Camping

To most people, getting back to nature means tents and sleeping bags. But for others, it’s all about the comfort they can get with modern camping in trailers or RVs fitted with mattresses, water, and electricity. Whether you want to stay closer to the beach or a private set up in a grove of trees, we at Launch Pointe have got you covered with our breathtaking So Cal vintage RV rental spaces located between San Diego and Los Angeles. Book with us today for the best boating and RV camping in SoCal:

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