Costa Rica Celebrates “Dia Del Negro” (Black Day) On August 31

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Dia del Negro - Apartotel Cristina

Activities will include an exhibition of Caribbean food, in the area of the Black Star Line, in the Food Clinic, where visitors can sample dishes like “sopa con pollo” (Chicken soup), pata de res (beef feet) and “atol de harina de maiz (cornmeal gruel).

While “rice and beans” with chicken cannot be missed, dishes like “fry cake” and “panecillo salado” (salty rolls) can be enjoyed.

With calypso and reggae music and “rice and beans” with chicken, Limon will hold its “Dia del Negro” (Black Day) on August 31. Costa Rica’s Afro-Caribbeans will hold their Festival de la Cultura Negra (Festival of Black Culture) in which they seek to highlight the many traditions of African descendants.

Dia del Negro (Black Day) began as an initiative by the Sindicato de Educadores Costarricenses (SEC) – Costa Rican Teachers’ Union – in 1980 by a decree by Costa Rican president, Rodrigo Carazo, establishing August 31 as the day of celebration.

However, and in accordance with consultant and specialist in human rights Ramiro Crawford, the decree was intended to be included in the school calendar to be held as well as other ephemera, “a situation that does not happen,” says Crawford.

This festival is not to be confused with the traditional Carnavales de Limon (Limon Carnivals) held in October that is a week long ‘mardi gras’ celebration.


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