On this page you can check all the existing facilities around the Suites Cristina.

Our address, for locals and taxis: “300 meters north, ICE building, Sabana Norte, San José”. (In spanish: “300 al norte del ICE de la Sabana, en San José”).

The Google direction is: Calle Luisa, Sabana norte, San José, Costa Rica

Sabana Park is the largest in the city. It offers many facilities, from 5 am until dusk, meet groups of runners, cyclists, footballers, well as practitioners of yoga and tai-chi. There are tennis, basketball, football, Olympic swimming pool, skating rink, and the new national stadium.

Our area, Sabana Norte, is a very desirable neighborhood consisting of a mix of luxury residences, high end offices, shopping and a large number of embassies.

In recent years there have been apartment buildings that symbolize the high value and appreciation of the area.

In the attached map, a list of restaurants, embassies, supermarkets, banks, churches, synagogues, hospitals and so on.

“La Sabana” park, located 300 yards from the Suites Cristina Hotel
La Sabana